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The new normal of today’s salon experience. What you need to know.

May 22, 2020

Welcome back to Angela’s Hair Design! I am so excited to be back at work and servicing my clients again. You might say things are different but the same. Here’s the information you need to know before you arrive for your appointment:

  • Masks are mandatory so please know that you cannot enter without your nose and mouth covered. The best masks for hair services is the type that secures around the ears. If you need this type of mask you can purchase one from me once you’ve entered with a different type of mask protecting your face.
  • When you arrive, and park please text me, so I may greet you at the outside door and lead you in. There is no waiting allowed in the lobby for any reason.
  • You can trust that my suite is thoroughly disinfected after every client leaves so if I am running a few minutes behind it’s because I am taking great care to be sure you are entering a clean environment. Hand sanitizer is supplied.
  • Stylists cannot accept cash and credit/debit card transactions are made by you swiping your card as we are not allowed to touch your card.
  • If you need to purchase product I can pull what you need from the shelves for you and place it in a clean new plastic bag.

I guarantee you will feel safe when you visit so please call to schedule your next appointment. You will leave feeling de-stressed and looking your best!

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