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Hair Extensions

If you want thicker or longer hair but it was never going to happen naturally, hair extensions may be the best way for you to get the look you’ve always dreamed of. And, if you want to show your “funky” side consider adding a Featherlocks feather or perhaps a spot of wild colored hair added to your head in just a few places. Hair extensions are great for showing your true personality. We have several extension products to choose from.

Great Lengths Extensions

Great Lengths’ philosophy is to remedy the lack of thick hair in a way which is as simple as dyeing it if you want to change its color.

Lox Extensions

It is a premier brand that simply works.

HotHeads Extensions

Offers the most simple, fast, and extraordinary human hair extensions in the industry.

Featherlocks Extensions

Featherlocks feather hair extensions are actual feathers available in an array of colors that are easily and inexpensively applied to your hair to add subtle or dramatic highlights without damage or altering color.

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